Terrifying Robot Update: Friday, July 11, 2014

Don’t worry CHARLIE the CIA robot fish is declassified now which probably means they haven’t filled the oceans with much smaller more advanced robot fish right probably there aren’t CIA robot fish in every body of water watching waiting there’s no way that would be too many CIA robot fish and anyway they admitted they made one because now they have a twitter account and they’re friendly so don’t worry the oceans and lakes are not full of CIA robots.

• • •

Hahahaha that’s so cute Obama is playing soccer with a robot hahahaha that is so nice because Obama is known for using robots for for amusement so cute it’s a soccer drone hahahaha

• • •

So yes historically in fiction when we send robots into space it goes badly? But don’t worry actually because this robot is just the cutest and he’s just a funny little robot we love him he is so sweet and so small don’t worry it’s all for science it’s not a terrifying dystopic reality that a tiny adorable robot branded with the name of an almost monopolistically huge manufacturer is sent into space to talk to astronauts as a press stunt.


• • •

“California, eager to retain its role as legal arbiter to the auto world, in July will begin taking applications for driving licenses for self-driving cars. The licenses take effect in September.” California to Issue Driving Licenses to Robots