Terrifying Robot Update: September 15, 2015

First they take our jobs, then they fill up our preschools? I hope President Trump does something about this. (via)

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It will be important for the autonomous murder robots to be able to distinguish between, for example, bread knives and butcher knives when they’re in your kitchen in the dark. Those are very small differences under low light conditions! We need solve this now, before it’s too late

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Within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction, there has been a strong upsurge of interest in the more personal aspects of human relationships with artificial partners in the last few years. This upsurge has not only been apparent amongst the general public, as evidenced by an increase in coverage in the print media, TV documentaries and feature films, but also within the academic community.

The Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots is inviting the submission of full papers or extended abstract to its symposium to be held in conjunction with the 12th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) conference in Iskandar, Malaysia. (via)

We covered the first congress here at TRU, but apparently there was enough interest to warrant a second. Not so much interest though that they felt the need to write a new conference abstract. My robot boyfriend would never be this lazy.

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What is there to worry about? It’s just a tiny robot that jumps and propels itself across the surface of the water at high speeds. Why would we have to worry about lakes and ponds and rivers crawling with tiny surveillance robots that looked like water bugs? What are we crazy? Are we some kind of crazy paranoid people out here?

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OK, to be honest, I think we could probably take this one.