Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No, the watermark is not an error or due to the video production. Disney developed the robot itself, I guess because it’s been a couple years since they were widely considered the most sinister corporation on earth.

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“Inside the Beetle’s claustrophobia-inducing cab, the human operator was shielded from radiation by 30-centimeter-thick walls of lead, according to a report in the May 1962 Popular Science. Nearly 3 metric tons of air conditioning was necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature; other perks for the driver included 8 hours of bottled oxygen and an ashtray. It took 640 kilometers of wiring to tie everything together. Despite the Beetle’s staggering US $1,500,000 price tag (or perhaps because of it), the robot spent almost all of its time broken.”

Ooh, vintage terrifying robot!


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Her “job” is “a social companion” who can “speak with emotions” and “recognize people”. But don't worry, this robot isn’t some kind of material critique of gendered labor, it will just put a bunch of women out of work.

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Kill it kill it kill it kill it