Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don’t worry, they’re just equipped with katanas in this video to demonstrate their versatility and the agility of their movement, in the field they will be equipped with machine guns

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Yes, how did they know, this is exactly what everybody wants, a karate robot, finally, a robot that knows karate, everybody is breathing a big sigh of relief

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This is a security robot that is already operational it prevents crime predictively it is already in use it can coordinate with a drone you will see one of these patrolling somewhere soon don’t worry this is a crime preventing security droid why do you look so worried you should be less worried because there is less crime now because there are more robots

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A new military vehicle design published in a Chinese science journal shows a car-sized 11-legged walking combat robot dubbed the “Crab Walker.”

The Crab Walker would be about 18 feet long, comes with a 30mm autocannon mounted on top, and is designed to crawl over rough terrain. It has four legs on each side, as well as two in the back and one on the front to help it keep stable while firing.

The proposal for the Crab Walker was published in China’s Journal of Ordinance Industry Automation.


A tank robot that walks like a crab wont be the last thing you see because you probably wont see it in time

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