Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, October 26, 2014

Follow the robot’s lead follow the robot’s lead you will make beautiful light music it will be beautiful it is not the total disappearance of the human from the spectacle so that the future is just an orchestra of robots playing electronic music for an audience of robots in the dark that is not profitable

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A humanoid robot vocalist was the centerpiece of an ensemble serenading onlookers at the Marunouchi Building near Tokyo Station on Wednesday.

Viewed from a distance, the band looked like a regular quartet. Up close, the alluring female singer proved to be an emotionless machine, moving its head, mouth and eyes to a recorded voice track.


Jazz robots. Much more profitable.


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HAHAH great a robot that now has EASIER ACCESS to your brain

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As robots become safer, smarter, and more capable, robotics companies are eyeing elder care as a huge potential market. A rapidly expanding elderly population could also necessitate other new forms of home-assistance technology. […]

Some robots are already lending a mechanical hand. As part of an E.U.-funded research project, senior citizens in Italy, Spain, and Sweden have had their homes equipped with sensors to track their activity and health. Mobile telepresence robots—a wheeled videoconferencing system that can be piloted remotely—let relatives and doctors check in with them. Some nursing homes in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. give lonely residents a robotic seal called Paro as a companion. It responds to petting by cooing and purring and will cry if dropped or ignored.

As such machines become more sophisticated, robot helpers could assist people with everyday household chores and with dressing and bathing. Eventually robots may interact far more intelligently as entertainment or company.


Because rather than organize the world in such a way that old people could participate in life, we’re just gonna make sure that they live the end of their lives far away from us, cared for and pacified by robots



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Oh god why

Terrifying Robot Update!

Hahaha, oh that tickles, stop climbing on me clothbot, hahaha, oh Clothbot, you’re the funniest, haha…wait, what is that, what is that you’ve got there…oh…