Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phrases that have no business being said in earnest: “We would like to make our robot run fast, like a cheetah” “Our robot cheetah” “a really exciting future where robots can be quiet and efficient and also powerful”

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The blue light pulsates slowly, evenly, matching the creaking of its double-jointed legs. It makes a beautiful song that it wants to play for you. It wants to get off the wire and find you. It wants to find you.

• • • David Levy: 'There's a fortune to be made in this field'.

The First International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots

Within the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Robot Interaction, the past few years have witnessed a strong upsurge of interest in the more personal aspects of human relationships with these artificial partners. This upsurge has not only been apparent amongst the general public, as evidenced by an increase in coverage in the print media, TV documentaries and feature films, but also within the academic community. (via)

Okay, so maybe the guy above is predictable, but you’ll never guess what the other chair of the first international congress on love and sex with robots looks like…oh wait actually


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No no no no no no no

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Well it was hell to give birth to but its pneumatic muscles make great beats when it OH GOD WHY DOES IT CRAWL LIKE THAT WHY DID THEY SPEED IT UP JESUS CHRIST