The Art of Promotion (1)

The below press packet was discovered in a box at WKCR 89.9FM by The New Inquiry. It may or may not have been officially authorized or affiliated with James Brown. We do not know; but somehow doubt it.

Dear Station Owner, DJ, Music/Program Director:

We here at James Brown Enterprises are deeply concerned about our youth. We are not only concerned with them doing the right things but also making the right decisions in life.

The time has now come for us to clean up our air waves. We need to wipe our the profanity and violence portrayed in music that is greatly influencing our youth. Our young people are being drawn to drugs, gangs, and other illicit behavior by the music they listen to. As a result they emulate what is heard in very graphic lyrics.

We as Radio Station owners, Program/Music Directors, DJ’s and Artists, have to stop this plague. In an effort to shed some light on a dark situation, I have release a new single from the Universal James album entitled, “HOW LONG.” This single focuses on the dilemmas facing our youth such as gangs, teen pregnancy and joblessness. This song makes a plea not only to youth, but to all people to respect themselves as well as others, to have faith in a better tomorrow, and to come together as a people to work these problems out.

I am personally encouraging all Radio stations to join in the struggle to save our children by playing my new single “HOW LONG”. Remember, it’s up to us to make a better tomorrow for our children by providing education. Because if they don’t know it, they can’t do it…..


James Brown