The Art of the Rebuttal: Ulrike Meinhof

The fact that students will no longer put up with such things, that students have decided to no longer let reactionary professors finish their speeches, and that those in earlier semesters will therefore not continue to lose valuable years before they finally see through the sham but begin to study and learn in critical fashion much earlier than preceding generations - this fact does not make the university "non-functional as a center of research and learning" - as R.W. Leonhardt would have it. On the contrary, this is precisely what makes it functional. The students have learned through bitter experience - such as the opening ceremonies of the University of Hamburg - that they cannot achieve their goals by being quiet and well-behaved. They have to be noisy and persistent. They have understood that ceremonious orderliness does not allow room for critical content or democratic discussions, and that certain professors will have to suffer some unpleasant experiences if they refuse other forms of discussion.

-Ulrike Meinhof responds to critics demanding the class of 2014 grow up and listen to Condoleezza Rice and Christine Lagarde, 1968, Counter-Violence

Christine Lagarde