"The police weren’t “showing restraint,” there were simply too many of us to stop."

As the cell door opens, 30 detainees erupt in applause.

“Where’d they get you?” one cellmate asks.

“Downtown,” I reply. “Is there any actual crime in NYC today?”

Protester 1: “Nope, just us professional agitators.”

Protester 2: “Hoodlums.”

Protesters 3: “Dudes that think that brother didn’t deserve to die, and that cop ain’t deserve to walk.”

Shortly after I’m processed, a female protester follows, passing our cell en route to hers, we erupt in cheers and she salutes us.

Minutes later a second woman passes but does not acknowledge our cheers. Louder we chant and still she avoids eye contact. She is visibly uncomfortable. And then we realize…

Protester 1: “She has no idea we’re with her protesting too, she just sees 30 dudes in a holding cell cheering at her.”

Protester 2: “She thought we were cat calling her!”

Protester 3: “Probably talkin to the other women now like ‘even in here these niggas can’t help themselves.’”

(We all laugh.)

Protester 4: “Put your fists up instead.”

As a group we decide: To stand, fists up, chanting “No Justice, No Peace!” in solidarity with all future female detainees.

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