"The #poorwhite has no excuse."

Once again you’ve scapegoated Blackness and Otherness. The conditions with which you have demanded people of color remain are now yours and you want my empathy and my sympathy and my help but I couldn’t care less. You face the same extinction we’ve been threatened with since the foundation of this flawed paradise. The same extinction you brought against the natives of this land to create this malignant utopia.

I will not feel for you. I will not cry for you. I honestly pray, you starve through the winter dear Grasshopper?—?and make no mistake winter is here. For it is your burden to carry that you didn’t harvest, that you didn’t pull yourself up. That you stewed and cried “woe is me”. It’s your excuses and race card that prevent you from seeing the forward march. The #poorwhite has no excuse.

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