The Second Week

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Some rest in hallways, others under the rubble. Some have names on their wrists to identify them, others had no such luxury. Some succumb to their wounds, all to Western avarice. The health centers have gone dark, but still our people toil in the rubble, saving and healing and praying and carrying. An index finger points skywards. We do not know all of their names, we cannot. But we will try, we will scream them out at the top of our lungs until this American war ends.

$100 billion American dollars, American aircraft carriers, American bunker bombers and American white phosphorus—they transfer their military surplus from one coffer to the next, our people’s murder just another column in the global balance of payments. They survey the wreckage and tell the world that they are loved. Joe Biden takes to the airwaves to talk of beacons and democracy, the mouthpiece of capital speaking straight to its mercenaries. For the rest, this is the indispensable conjuncture, a confrontation with the hellfire vision of all that is to come. They will train their algorithms, polish their warheads, clear their throats, unless we show them what world-historical refusal looks like.

There are seedlings. On Friday morning, a student at a San Francisco high school awoke in her bed. She wrote a note, she called her friends, she asked them to join her in a school walkout to support Palestine. There, she taught them about the Palestinian cause, the struggle which had animated her grandparents and great-grandparents before they were dispossessed to America; and she watched the embers catch, enflaming the spirit of the group. They stormed the hallways, took to the streets, justice never left their lips. They were joined by high schools in Philadelphia, in Queens,  and, soon, by thousands of students across dozens of colleges set to take part in the national student walkout tomorrow, October 25. Their demands are unequivocal: a ceasefire, an end to the Zionist siege of Gaza, and an end to their institutions’ complicity. 

In response, the apparatchiks and planners have scrambled. Nothing terrifies them more than the possibility that the commodified pieces of their ideological chess game might stand firm; that they can blast students with millions in defamation league dollars, blanket their classrooms with bankrupt curricula, and drown their teachers in anti-boycott mandates, and still it will not be enough.

Not enough. If anything captures the work of the second week, it is this. More than a quarter of the homes in Gaza have been leveled by the genocidal Zionist regime and its imperial backers. Schools and mosques, hospitals and bakeries—all have been targeted by Zionism’s cowardly acts of collective punishment from the sky. Gaza’s entire health system has collapsed. Their intention is to break a spirit of resistance that cannot be broken; six wars have not been object lesson enough for them. At the time of writing, the Zionists have murdered 2,055 Palestinian children, more children in the last two weeks than in the last twenty-three years combined. 

The immensity of our grief, our fury, is enough to rip the entire world open. This week, the Palestinian and Arab people have risen up in beautiful insurgency: hundreds of thousands in Yemen, in Lebanon, in Iraq, galvanized by images of Tahrir Square aflood once more; of embassies struck by Molotovs. In the occupied lands, Palestinians have confronted the Zionist armies in Tubas and Beit Furik and Qalqilya and Huwara and Kafr Qaddum and Silwan. This all has exacerbated the contradictions in the Zionist entity: desperate and straining, it has doubled its population of Palestinian prisoners, abducting hundreds from their homes and holding day laborers from Gaza hostage in secret prison camps. The handmaidens of Western imperialism have followed suit, casting their own global dragnet across institutions of social and political life, attempting to ensnare all who defend and give force to the Palestinian idea. 

The people of Gaza have shown us courage; we must be courageous now too. To the workers of the world and the unions that they lead: refuse to build or transport weapons destined for the Zionist entity. Take actions against complicit companies, end all material and social ties between your institutions and theirs. Organize sit-ins and direct actions, participate in mass protests and neighborhood canvasses, lead strikes and walkouts. When you strike, say why you are striking. Demand a ceasefire, demand an end to the siege and genocidal violence against Palestinians, and an end to Zionism—no more money, no more cover. Join us on November 4, as we come together from every city and town and march on Washington D.C., in a mass show of popular support for the Palestinian people. Most of all, protect the youth, who will lead the way.

What we have witnessed in these two weeks is an illumination of terrain; contingent solidarities have been left in the dust, unable to meet the moment. Instead, principled action has ruled the day, the energy of the young bubbling over and blooming. Hundreds of businesses have gone on strike in Germany, Elbit arms factories have been accosted, unions in South Africa have re-committed to boycott, cultural institutions have divested, tens of thousands have taken Chicago, hundreds of thousands in London. There is no time to be afraid. The cops, the bosses, the administrators, the “men of letters”—all those who have made careers off us, who profit from our dehumanization and perfect victimhood—have unsurprisingly struck a plaintive tone, half-heartedly crying for a return to their own normalcy. They will curse us, fire us, defame us, arrest us, attack our livelihood—but we are much stronger than they are, and we will take care of us. We have the force of a movement, our cause is just and true, and we must fight, not in spite of our resistance, but because of it.

These efforts have shown Palestinians that they are not alone, but it is not enough. And so we end where we must. We will never forget al-Ahli Hospital and all who sought protection there. We will not forget the injured and disabled, the journalists, our men and fighters, and those who have been given new tents to rest their bodies. We will never forget Wadea al-Fayoume, six years old. We will not forget and we will not forgive those who did this, those who have cheered on the dehumanization and murder of Arabs and Muslims. Our vigils cannot contain the pain of this world. But they can transmit a fundamental truth: that their bombs and their lies cannot break those who tend to the flowers. 

 —Palestinian Youth Movement



Various sources; some martyr stories can be found @honorourmartyrs

Abd Al-Rahman Soleiman Mohammad Abu Dagash, 32, Nour Shams Camp

Abdallah Mustafa Hussain, 14

Abdel Fattah Samir Al-Tanani

Abdel-Raouf Salha, 13

Abdelkarim Abdullah Omar Shehab, 2

Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelrahman Shehab, 13

Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelrahman Shehab, 65

Abdelrahman Ashraf Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 20

Abdelrahman Rabea Abdelrahman Shehab, 54

Abdul Khaleq Fadi Al-Baba, baby

Abdulhadi Habib

Abdulhadi Nazzal, 18

Abdulkareem Harb Abu-Hilal

Abdullah Abu Yousef, Gaza

Abdullah Amad Abu Hassan, 16, Jenin

Abdullah Omar Mustafa Shehab, 38

Abdulmoein Rabeh Damo

Abdulrahman Altanany

Abellrahman Eman Barhoum

Abir Mastfi Aleina Sobh

Adam Amjad Fathi Al-julani, 16, al-Quds

Adel Ibrahim Daoud, 14

Adham Muhammad Bassem Jabarin, 28, Jenin

Adi Fawaz Mansour, 17, Nablus

Adi Mamoun Abu Al-Hija, 13, Tulkarem

Adnan Jihad Bani Odeh, 19, Tubas

Afnan Saleh Omar Shehab, 6

Ahmad Abdulnaser Adnan Rabi, 12

Ahmad Abdulnaser Shamlakh and his 3 kids

Ahmad Abdulnaser Shamlakh, 2

Ahmad Abdulnaswer Adnan Rabi, 12

Ahmad Ayman Ahmad Al-Asmi, 16

Ahmad Faisal Ghannam

Ahmad Munir Yousef Sdouq, 17

Ahmad Nazir Shawqi Shaban,1

Ahmad Rami Mahmoud al-Hawajri, 13

Ahmed Abd Al-Nassar Rabi, 13, Qalqilya

Ahmed Abdelrahman Ahmed Shehab, 42

Ahmed Abu Anza, Gaza

Ahmed Abu Jazar

Ahmed Abu Turk

Ahmed Atef Awawda, 19, Nablus

Ahmed Awawdeh, Nablus

Ahmed Azmi Zanoon

Ahmed Daraghmeh, 16

Ahmed Fidal Ganam, 36, Tulkarem

Ahmed Hassan Abdel Jalil Kahla,

Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Wadi, 25, Nablus

Ahmed Ishraf Khalef Awad, 20, al-Khalil

Ahmed Khaled Ibrahim Abu Turkee, 28, al-Khalil

Ahmed Mohammad Mustafa Sabaana, 25, Jenin

Ahmed Mostafa Omar Shehab, 21

Ahmed Muin Al-Rimawi, Beit Rima - Ramallah

Ahmed Munir Yousef Sadouq

Ahmed Othman

Ahmed Shehab

Aisha Omar Mustafa Shehab, 40

Aisha Saleh Omar Shehab, 4

Al-Sheima Akram Saidam

Ala Abdullah Omar Shehab, 12

Alaa Abdullah Riyad Qaddoum, 5

Alaa Naser Zaghal, 21

Ali Abdullah Khazna, young boy, Noor Shams camp, Tulkaram

Ali Adnan Shaqeer

Ali Al Masri

Ali Antar

Ali Ashkar, 17

Ali Fattouni

Ali Hassan Hadraj

Ali Hodroj

Ali Kamel Mohsen

Ali Khalil Al-Abassi, 24, al-Quds

Ali Nisman

Ali Raif Fattouni

Ali Shuqair and his baby daughter Fatima

Amara Majhoula Alhawiya

Amer Faisal Ghannam, 41, Tulkarem

Amina Abdelrahman Ahmed Shehab, 4I

Amina Omar Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 41

Amir Raafat of Melitat, 14, Nablus

Amir Rafat Mahmoud Mlaitat, 13

Amir Rafat Mohammad Ayad, 7

Amjad Maher Alyan Khudair, 36, Ramallah

Amr Youssef Ibrahim Abed, 19, Ramallah

Anas Abd-alazziz Zahir

Anas Nasser Shehdeh Abu Fahem, 4

Anas Saleh Omar Shehab, 17

Arafat Hamdan

Areej Eid

As’ad Shamlagh

Asaad Shamlikh

Aseed Farhan Abu Ali (Jabawi), 21, Tulkarem

Ashlae Majhoul

Asiya Abdelrahman Ahmed Shehab, 43

Asma Bisam Barhoum

Asmaa Rabea Abdelrahman Shehab, 45

Assaad Shamlakh

Assil Kmal Mansour Sobh

Awad Al-Sultan

Awni Eldous

Aya Khaled Al-Baba

Aya Mansour Sobh

Ayham Iyad Issa Jabarin, 17

Ayman Nofal

Azhar Khaled Al-Baba

Badriya Barhoum

Bakar Hassan Jama’in, 39, Tulkarem

Bakr Jana’een, 39

Baraa Nael Dweilat

Barae Al-Dahdouh, Gaza

Barae Hamad, Qalqaliya

Barakat Musa Odeh, 49

Basil Basbous

Batoul Shawqi Shaban, 7

Bilal Abdelrahman Rabea Shehab, 6

Bilal Saeed Abu Jazr

Bisan Khaled Al-Baba

Counselor Muhammad Fahmi Al-Najjar and 16 members of his family

Diab Mohammad Diab abu Baid, 6

Dima Sa’d Asaliya, 10

Dr. Maysaa Abd el-Azziz Zahir

Dr. Abdullah Abu Teen, 43

Dr. Jamila Al-Shanti

Dr. Omar Ferwaneh

Dr. Salah Al-Din Zanoun

Dr. Wael Al-Zard

Enas Khattab Abdelkarim Shehab, 26

Fatema Mukhallati

Fayez Khaled Damdoum, 17

Faza Kabdah, infant

Firas Turkman, Jenin

Ghada Shawqi Shaban, 10

Habas Abdul-Hafith Rayyan, 54

Habib Kamil, 25

Hadi Al Masri

Hajar Khalil Salah el-Bahtini, 5

Hala Abu Sa’da, 13, Gaza

Hala Ashraf Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 17

Haleema Muhammad Ibrahim Shehab, 79

Hamada mansour Sobh

Hamdi Qayyim

Hamdi Shaker Abdullah Abu Dayyeh, 40, al-Khalil

Hamdi Sharaf, 35

Hamza Barae Hamad, Qalqaliya

Hamza Hassan Musa (Faruq), North Burj camp

Hasan Abd Al-Azziz Zahir

Hassan Badie Ashour

Hassan Muhannad Odeh, 13, Nablus

Hassan Saeed Naeem

Hathefa Adnan Mohammad Faris, 27, Tulkarem

Heba AnuNada

Heba Zagout, 39 and her two young children

Hisham Al-Nawajiha

Hossam Aitaroun

Hossam Ibrahim

Huda Al-Sosi

Husam Mabarak

Hussain Abbas Fasaei

Hussain Mutaz Hussain Mousa, 16

Hussam Mohammed Ibrahim

Hussam Mubarak

Hussein Abbas Farsaei

Hussein Hani Al-Taweel

Ibrahim Alnabulsi

Ibrahim Habib Al-Dabq

Ibrahim Mohammed Lafi, 22

Ibrahim Nazih Al-Hajj Ali

Ibrahim Nazih Ibrahim Hajj Ali, Nablus, 24

Imad Abu Rasheed, 47

Imad Adili

Imad Aqil, Jenin

Imad Jareh Adili, Nablus, 16

Imam and Dr. Wael Al-Zard

Islam Abu Zanat, 23

Islam Bilad Ahsan Abu Zanat, 23, Tulkarem

Islam Farid Mustafa Shehab, 38

Ismail Mohammad Ismail Salah, 7, and his 2 cousins

Isra Mansour Sobh

Israa Muhammad was Abdelrahman Shehab, 12

Issa Mahir Al-umla, 21, al-Khalil

Issam Abdallah

Issam Bhar

Issam Bihar

Jamal Mahmoud Jamal Majdoub, 25, Tulkarem

Jameel Jaar

Jamil Jumal Jaed, 21, Tulkarem

Janet Kmal Mansour Sobh

Jannah Abdallah Salah Shukian, 10

Jannah Ahsraf Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 7

Jasir Sulayman Marjouna

Jawad Farid Bouaghna, 57, Jenin

Jenan Saleh Omar Shehab, 12

Jibril Ahmed Awad, Budrus - Ramallah

Jihad Mazen Sobhi Saleh, 29, Zawata, Nablus

Joudy Muhammad Abdelrahman Shehab, 6

Journalist Hisham Al-Nawajiha

Journalist Rizq Soboh

Journalist Saïd al-Tawil

Joury Abdallah Salah Shukian, 5

Kamal Mansour Sobh

Karam al-’Aydi, Areeha

Karam Ayman Dweikat, 17

Karam Nasar Mawaz Aed, 22, Jericho

Karam Yousef Nasser Abu Obed, 17

Khaled Al-Baba (Abu Fadi)

Khaled al-Dabbas, 21

Khaled Almuhtsab, 23, Al-quds

Khaled Fadi Al-Baba, baby

Khalil Abu Aathra

Khalil Assad Ali Hashem

Khalil Muhammad Khalil Shalash, 15, Ramallah

Khoulah Omar Mustafa Shehab, 33

Labib Mohammad Labib Damidi, 19, Hawara

Laith Osama Zaal Abu Mara, 17

Lara Mahmoud Fuad Abu Ghanemeh, 5

Layan Nasser Shehdeh Abu Fahem, 8

Layth Abu Murra

Leena Ahmed Abdelrahman Shehab, 10

Lotus Abdelrahman Rabea Shehab, 10

Lubaib Mohammed Lubaib Damidi, 19, Huwara, Nablus

Maha Al-Baba

Maha Fadi Al-Baba, baby

Maha Hassan Al-Baba, child

Maha Suleiman, 3

Mahdi Ladadwa, 17

Mahdi Mohammed Atwi

Mahmoud Abd el-Azziz Zahir

Mahmoud Ahmad Bayz

Mahmoud al-Sous, 17

Mahmoud Alnaouq

Mahmoud Bisam Khamis, 18, al-Khalil

Mahmoud Fadi Al-Baba, baby

Mahmoud Hamed Hasan Tolbeh, 12

Mahmoud Husam Hasan Ahmad Abu Sa’an, 17

Mahmoud Mohammad Mahmoud Sabana, 21, Jenin

Mahmoud mohammed Samoudi, 12

Majdi Ahab Ghabaen, Gaza, 18

Malak Abd el-azziz Zahir

Malak Mohammad Nasser Abu Obed, 15

Malik Jamil Sharqawi, 26, Askar camp, Nablus

Mana Allah Abd Al-Alziz Zahir

Mansour Abd Sobh

Mantasr Abd Alhameed Zaqeq, 31, al-Khalil

Maria Huthaifa Salah Abu Shukian, 3

Maryam Ashraf Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 13

Marzouqa Faryh Abu-Hajz

Masa Hassan Al-Baba, child

Mashaal Baghdadi, 27

Mayar Tariq Ibrahim Ezz el-Din,11

Mira Mahmoud Fuad Abu Ghanemeh, 7

Misun Mansour Sobh

Moanis Rabhi Musa Ziadat, 16, al-Khalil

Moaz Raed Odeh, 29, Nablus

Moeen Damo, 21

Mohamed Fathi Hamed (Shana), 33, Tulkarem

Mohamed Nada, 23

Mohammad Abdulfateh Mohammad Odeh, 9

Mohammad Ahmed Bisharat Abu Amish, 30, Tublis

Mohammad al-Salihi

Mohammad Anas Musa Abu Odeh, 9

Mohammad Award Jerubia, 24, Ramallah

Mohammad Bajes Hassan Al-Khaldi, 11 

Mohammad Balousha

Mohammad Imad Ebrek Al-Amouri, 9

Mohammad Jabril Ramana, 19, Ramallah

Mohammad Jaward Abd Al-Rahman Zagir, 21, al-Khalil

Mohammad Kamal Jabari, 35

Mohammad Kmal Mansour Sobh

Mohammad Majid Ibrahim Hamad, 20, al-Khalil

Mohammad Nedal Milhem, 17

Mohammad Rafat Mohammad Edwan, 16

Mohammad Yousef Ayesh Hamad, 17

Mohammad Zayed Hamid, 24, al-Quds

Mohammed Abu Matr

Mohammed Abu Rizq

Mohammed Al Masri

Mohammed Ba’loosha

Mohammed Balousha

Mohammed Basem Khamis, 18, Beit Ummar

Mohammed Fayez Abu Matar

Mohammed Fowakkah

Mohammed Hussein Abu Abed, Jenin camp

Mohammed Jamal Hassouna

Mohammed Majed Ibrahim Hammad, 20, Al-Aroub Camp, al-Khalil

Mohammed Marwan Abdelrahman Abdullah, 27, Jenin camp

Mohammed Nedal Milhem, 17, al-Khalil

Mohammed Qasim Abu Zar, 17, Zawata, Nablus

Mohammed Rafat Abu Hilal

Mohammed Sami, 23, Gaza

Mohammed Sobh

Mohammed Taher Mustafa

Momen Muhammed al-Nairab, 5

Mona Nahed Muhammad Shehab, 39

Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman

Muhammad Abdel Rahman Hussein Fawaqa, 21

Muhammad Abdelrahman Ahmed Shehab, 37

Muhammad Awajna, Aqabat

Muhammad Issam Yusuf Azam

Muhammad Jamal Hassouna

Muhammad Jargon

Muhammad Mustafa Omar Shehab, 17

Muhammad Omar Mustafa Shehab, 40

Muhammad Subh Abu Rizq

Muhammad Taher Al-Hasanat

Muhammad Taher Mustafa

Muhammed Al-Salhi, Gaza

Muhammed Awajna, 17, Aqabat Jaber camp, Areeha

Muhammed Issam Yusuf Azam

Muhammed Khaled Al-Baba

Muhammed Shanaa

Muhtadi Majid Salim, 17, Qulqilya

Mujahed Ahmed Daoud, 30

Mujahid Al-Qazli

Mujahid Muhammad Youssef Saaida, 17, Tulkarem

Muntasir Awad, Beit Ummar

Murad Issa Al-Farra

Musab Abdel Halim Abu Rida, 17, Nablus

Musab Ahmed Al-Madhoun, 23, al-Khalil

Mustafa Omar Mustafa Shehab, 46

Nabila Sulayman Libad

Najib Mohammed Ali Zahr

Nayef Khaled Nayef al-Odat, 7

Nesma Al-Yaziji

Nibal Sabri Barhoum

Nour Kmal Mansour Sobh

Obada Sa'ed Awad Abu Srour

Obaida Ahmed Kamil, 14

Obaida Saed Abu Sorour, 16, Nablus

Obeida Khaled Nasser Kamil, 19, Qabatiya - Jenin

Oday Abu Al-Hijja

Oday Fawaz Mansour, 17, Kafr Qalil - Nablus

Oday Taha

Omar Abdallah Omar Shehab, 12

Omar Ahmad Abdulnaser Shamlakh, 5 months old

Omar Ahmad Abdulrahman Asmar, 14

Omar Ahmed Abdelrahman, 15

Omar Daraghma, Tubas

Omar Khaled Lotfy Khamour, 14, Bethlehem

Omar Mustafa Omar Shehab, 25

Omar Shawqi Shaban, 11

Osama Abu Nahar

Osama Mohammed Khair Dhiabat, 23

Osama Muhammad Abdelrahman Shehab

Qais Muhammed Hassan Shalash, Shuqba- Ramallah, 17 

Qaisar Khalil

Qaiser Kamal Al-Salti, 36, Tulkarem

Qasem Hakem Qasem, 23, Tulkarem

Qatada Ghanimat, Al-Aroub camp - al-Khalil

Qaysar Khalil

Qusai Tamimi, 19

Rabi Arafah Rabi, 32

Raed Ahmed Hamidi, 19, Tulkarem

Rafat Harb’ Abu Hilal

Rafat Malhana, 20

Rafat Thaer Ahmad Abu Mhana, 17

Rafiq Mansour Sobh

Rajeh Hussam Rajeh Taha, 18, al-Khalil

Rakzi Nasr Zanoon

Rami Bilal Hassan, Tulkaram, 33

Ramzi Sami Zabara, 35

Randa Abdullah Abd alzziiz, 37, Ramallah

Rayid Mohammed Qiblawi (Abu Yazan), Ain Al-Hilweh Camp

Razan Turkman, 9, Jenin

Retal Bilal Salah Abu Shukian, 7

Riad Juseein Al-Akoom

Rita Abdelrahman Rabea Shehab, 7

Riyad Mohammed Qablawi (Abu Yazan)

Rizq Soboh

Roshdi Sarraj

Rowand Saleh Omar Shehab, 17

Saad Ahmed Abdelrahman Shehab, 6

Saad Mahmoud Libad, child

Saad Rabea Abdelrahamn Shehab, 65

Sabah Mohammed Barhoum

Sabreen Husain Abu Hilal

Saed Mahmoud Libad, child

Saeed Al-Taweel

Safah Mansour Sobh

Saha Azmi Zanoon

Salah Breiki, 19

Salah Kamal Mansour Sobh

Salam Mema, her husband Mohamed Al Masri, and her three children Ali, Hadi, and Sham

Salama Sharaya, 19

Saleh Al-Qaraan

Saleh Omar Mustafa Shehab, 41

Samah Abd Al-azziz Sobh

Sameeh Al-Nady

Sameh Khaled Odeh Abu Tabikhm 25, Tulkarem

Samir Saed Radwan, 22, Qulqilya

Samira Sobh

Sari Adi Sara, 15, Tulkarem

Sari Al-Sidda

Shadiya Salah Marjouna

Shaima Saidam and her family

Sham Al Masri

Shaymaa Ashraf Mustafa Abu Hamidan, 16

Sheikh Omar Daraghmeh, 58

Suhaib Kayed

Suhaib Mohammed Al-Sous, 15, Beitunia - Ramallah

Suleiman Farid Malasa, Ramallah

Taha Mahameed, 16, Noor Shams camp - Tulkaram

Tamer al-Kilani, 33

Tamim Mohamed Dawoud, 4

Tariq Odeh Youssef Maali, 42, Ramallah

Uday Abu Al-Hija

Umm Mohammad Hassan Zahir Mansour

Wadea Al-Fayoume, 6, Chicago

Wadie Al-Houh

Wafaa Al-Swerki

Wala Abdullah Omar Shehab, 13

Wife of Mohammed Al Masri, mother of three children

Yahya Abdel Razek

Yahya Khalid Abu Hilal

Yasser Thaer Al-Kasbeh, al-Quds

Yassine Alakhras

Yazan Ahmad Abdulnaser Shamlakh, 10

Yazan Fares Mohammad Rabaa, 8

Yazan Shamlakh, 10

Yousef Amer Zagdad, 10, Tulkarem

Yousef Maher Dawas

Yousef Sameer Ramadan Al-Athamneh, 10

Youssef Nader Suleiman Idris, 19, Al-Khailil

Yuqen Mansour Sobh

Yusif Zaghdad