This Gchat Has Been Condensed and Edited

The New Inquiry is excited to announce the addition of two new Contributing Editors to our masthead, Nathan Jurgenson and Sarah Nicole Prickett:

Nathan Jurgenson is a social media theorist, musician, and photographer working on a dissertation in sociology at the University of Maryland. He is also co-founder of the Cyborgology blog and the Theorizing the Web conference and is currently living in Washington D.C. Follow him on twitter.

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Sarah Nicole Prickett is a reactionary socialite who writes a lot.

Twitter explains everything.

This is her website.

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Most of Sarah and Nathan’s Gchat history has been selectively deleted, leaving behind a new conversation. All the remaining text is in its original order, each line intact. The new conversation feels both decoded and like more code; unfamiliar, but no stranger than the originals. It appears, after you erase all the lols, that we spend a lot of time being scared.

nathan: i'm good, yeah, gchat is fine
however, not today
sarah: no no not today
i have been so scattered
nathan: becuase of fun? or not fun? hope it is fun
sarah: it's just the lack of sleep
nathan: those hipsters rioting!
this is surreal
sarah: i am so sorry
nathan: i'm pretty angry
good thing you have no clue how many times i've complimented you on my facebook
sarah: be back, cigarette
liminality impossible on route 66
also: lol american socialism
nathan: do we have a name for that?
sarah: mmhmm
i wish there were a different world though
nathan: i got a little scared at night
but i slept on the roof of the car and was fine
sarah: i am mostly scared i'll get married
nathan: awful
sarah: ick
i only have one conspiracy theory
nathan: no four-lane roads, right?
what's your route?
sarah: magic
i know NOTHING
nathan: nothing comes to mind
sarah: you can't drive home again
nathan: well, there were less regulations than there are now
esp. in the desert
regulations are partly a byproduct of allowing the rest of the world in
sarah: the future is so regressive
nathan: it does break down at some point
sarah: i'm gonna start
nathan: haha no, dont walk away
sarah: not skipping any steps
i only worry that he's not romantic
nathan: dont step off, keep at it so its as good as it can be
sarah: how do i make a scared face
everything is happening
nathan: same here
sarah: and i think i should quit and write memories
i didn't know it was a beginning
and he didn't
and then said he had ambitions on a different scale for me
nathan: strange
well, nice that he has made plans for another human
sarah: but i'm being very combative
nathan: i dont know who this person is
sarah: are you kidding?
like people don't read nietszche in high school? freud?
nathan: i did that once recently
sarah: it's a little sick but i enjoy it
nathan: record it all and cash in with a tabloid
sarah: what does that mean
nathan: it was a really terrible joke
sarah: screaming
also i want fireworks
am tired of reason
nathan: tired of reason
and here we were talking about guns
"evil seeks out the helpless old person, the vulnerable woman, the child yet unborn"
sarah: please don
nathan: go back?
sarah: i'll be around
i said i would be happy to serve as his total replacement
nathan: what did you sign us up for
sarah: i don't know!
i'm being extreme
about the future... but like, a week from now
nathan: no one will remember their facebook password or why we used that site
sarah: it really is the evil empire
nathan:i made that up