To celebrate the release of our November issue, DIG, we will be hosting the U.S. premiere of contributor Anna Zett’s film, This Unwieldy Object, plus a screening of her DINOSAUR.GIF at Videology in Williamsburg. In This Unwieldy Object, the animated dinosaurs of Hollywood cinema meet the petrified ghosts of colonial history. You follow the protagonist on a road trip into the dusty heart of the USA, where fossil traders, sculptors and scientists are trying to reconstruct the plot of natural history. As she starts to get carried away by her own theories, the screen itself turns into a virtual dig site for unwieldy objects between science and fiction, trauma and entertainment, the remote past and the near future. Watch the trailer here.

Monday, November 9th
7 pm
308 Bedford Ave

This Week in Art Crime

In the same week that a 14 year old boy faces jail time for taking lewd photos of himself with a Jesus statue, a 9 foot-tall giant-cocked red devil statue appears in Vancouver. And much more, This Week in Art Crime