TNI Barter Rules

The New Inquiry will hold a subscription barter contest the first week of every month. Between Noon and Midnight EST on the announcement day, we will be accepting offers for a lifetime subscription to our monthly electronic magazine (an approximate $2000 value, considering the progression of modern medicine). After judging, we will feature a visual gallery of both winners and losers, so creativity counts. It might be the right time to hint that our editors have a special predilection for heaping platters of cookies. And drugs.

How to barter: Tweet at our account (@newinquiry) and/or with the hashtag #TNIBarter, post on the barter thread on our Facebook page, or email [email protected] with your offer. We'll close on the last minute of Monday night and announce winners (if any) on Tuesday.

Suggestions: Smoked meats, silk dresses, whiskey, tango lessons, coffee, real estate, cigarettes, frequent flier miles, metro cards, movie tickets, honorary degrees, rare plants,  dates with hotties, indulgences, literal "get out of jail free" cards, warm socks, magazine subscriptions, restaurant meals, haircuts, massages, concert tickets, sports tickets, feminine hygiene products, advanced healing blister Band-Aid brand band aids, Champagne glasses, Champagne, monogrammed kerchiefs, mailing stamps, rubber stamps, endangered primates, gin, and vegetables.

Bartersperation from a previous winner:

October winner: @timothylegion with his offer of a future tweet from space. Congrats Timothy!