TNI Vol. 8: Other Animals

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Today TNI releases the eighth volume of our monthly e-magazine, this one on the topic of "Other Animals." It contains some of our favorite writers thinking on the world of non-human creatures, from puppy psychiatry to animal actors to parasite politics. We run this publication not by the graces of wealthy philanthropists or generous grant committees, but by dint of $2/month subscriptions from our readers. It's less than the price of a coffee or a NYC subway swipe, and still the most we ask of you. The money goes to support everything we do, keeps the site advertisement-free, and allows us to publish all our content under a Creative Commons license. So take five minutes and two bucks and subscribe today. If you already subscribe, spend five minutes bugging a friend or loved one to join you.

Subscribers will receive Vol. 8 in their inboxes today. All of the pieces will be available free online over the course of the next month, but don't let that stop you from subscribing, which you can do here.