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Next week, Old Money and Lamin Fofana will release the first of a series of three singles with Dutty Artz examining mysteries as articulated through African and Caribbean lenses. Produced in the immigrant hub of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, "Ethiopia” and “N?ga" nods to black secret technology, ancient civilizations, Haile Selassie, and various strands of diasporic influences, all funneled through hard, 4th world electronics. For those of you who can't wait, they've been generous enough to provide TNI readers with a preview in the form of "Visitors," a 37-minute mix.


The artists describe it like this:

This mix is titled Visitors. It was inspired and is the byproduct of the innovators and musicians of 1970s and '80s Jamaican dub and reggae. As electronic artists, we view our work, and this mix as a logical extension of the path traveled by groundbreaking producers, musicians, and engineers such as King Tubby, Scientist, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Jackie Mittoo, Horace Andy, and others. If anything, we are only pushing the ideas to extremes.
- Old Money & Lamin Fofana
Brooklyn, 2012

Available November 6th on Dutty Artz