“We are not crazy. We just know what’s going on around.”

The simplicity, self-importance and straight up lulz-trollage of these gents is fucking mind-boggling. Then again, they did vandalize transform a Rothko, ridding it of “baggage” and “dignifying” it as a “potential piece of Yellowism.” Despite all the lofty conceptual art footnotes, Marcin insists they’re unique. Here’s a little play-by-play to illustrate why I felt like giving our Skype chat window a hardy punch.

“Do you take hallucinogenic drugs?”

“No. We don’t do drugs. Vladimir doesn’t even drink.”

“Is Yellowism like Zen? Everything becomes one?”

“No. Yellow is Yellow. Zen is Zen. Ok. Maybe it’s Zen. But if it’s Zen, for us it’s Yellowism.”

“Are you Nihilists?”

“No, we are Yellowists. Nihilism is Nihilism. Yellowism is Yellowism, with no inspirations from outside, completely our thing even if you see some connections with some other ideas from the past… We are not crazy. We just know what’s going on around.”

“What’s going on?”

“You know, there’s a sky. People have iPhones. The Internet is existing. People are screaming. We know. We see.”

“What do you want?”

“To make ‘Yellowism’ exist. Like ‘art’ exists. We want this context to be recognized as real. We want to do it physically, no just online.”

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Reading Like a Loser

Sometimes it’s said that we’re all Nietzscheans now. From cultural studies to continental philosophy, Nietzsche's ideas aren’t so much studied as presupposed; they’re part of the deep grammar of those disciplines, part of the furniture. These days, disquieting Nietzschean insights like, say, perspectivism (the idea that there are no facts, only interpretations) have come to seem commonplace.

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