"we’re of the by-any-means-necessary vein, and we literally do mean by any means necessary"

Photo by Wes Sauer

I actually think moving forward, you’ll see a lot more splits and splinters. And you will be able to see clearly where people’s politics differ ‘because I think up to this point in [Black Lives Matter], it’s been sort of presented as a monolith, right. So people will rally around “If we don’t get it, shut it down.”

Well, a year later, what you find out is some of those people mean, “Shut down that meeting until you can get a black Democrat in the office,” and some people mean, “Shut that meeting down until you can get a socialist in office.” And then some people mean, “Shut that down until you can have your own black state,” and then some people mean, “Shut it down until America is dismantled and everybody gets to decide what they want for themselves, and shut it down indefinitely.”

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