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Thousands of subscriptions, 30 magazines, and three supplements later, the New Inquiry is committed to remaining ad and paywall free. It’s a decision that maintains our editorial independence as we aspire to enrich cultural and public life by putting all available resources—both digital and material—toward the promotion and exploration of ideas.The commitment that keeps us free from string-pulling benefactors also places our fate in your hands. Our readers are not only our priority as a publication, they are our patrons. Your contributions have enabled us to go from a tumblr to an award winning monthly magazine and website with new work everyday.

This week for the first time in our history TNI brings you not only a new magazine issue, but an additional supplement on Lana Del Rey. Available to all as always free of cost. We’d like to continue expanding our offering and commission more pioneering work. But we can only do so with your help.

For a limited time an anonymous donor has agreed to match funds up to $25,000 if we raise as much by the end of the month. For every dollar you give TNI receives double up to 25k, thats a potential 50k operating budget. The money would allow us to raise the baseline fee for writers, make necessary updates to our website and magazine, and continue pursuing projects like our beautifully designed and singularly focused supplements like Ms. America and innovative conferences like Theorizing The Web. We have just a little over two weeks to reach our goal.

Your gift today could sustain this rare project that has earned a reputation for driving cultural conversations from Big Data to teen movies. So if you’ve ever used our essays in a class, shared with friends, or simply found drawn to time and time again, support us today. Our continued existence depends on you.