The Collected Unsolicited Advice for Living in the End Times Vol. 1

Michael Seidenberg is the proprietor of New York City’s most famous secret bookstore, Brazenhead Books-- home of the New Inquiry’s staff meetings, salon, and various debaucheries (not to be divulged here) for almost two years now. I first met Michael when I was working as a food re-containerizer  for a Mexican food cart service in Red Hook, Brooklyn. On my long walks to and from work, I would wander into local establishments to proposition business owners or anyone promising I would meet to host TNI’s salon on a regular basis. After one and a half years, 10,000 nos and one timely referral, I found our home. Michael had a secret bookstore he wanted to fill with people, and I had a rag-tag collective of people looking to fill a secret bookstore.

It was a perfect match, but Michael proved to be so much more than we could’ve hoped for. More than just TNI’s salonnière, or Batman to my Robin, Michael is our staff sage, and occupies a rightful place on our masthead as “Reader and Advisor.” We hope he can be that for you too. And since the world is about to end one way or another, we figured we shouldn’t keep him all to ourselves. There’s little time to waste.

So as our gift to you-- the subscribed and yet-to-subscribe alike--on the day of the apocalypse (which, may I remind you all, isn’t over yet) is a free, downloadable guidebook, collecting Michael's complete unsolicited advice columns from the first year of The New Inquiry Magazine, for your reference on today’s apocalypse and the many more to come.

What did you think the End Times were going to look like?

Rachel Rosenfelt
December 21, 2012

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