Terrifying Robot Update: Monday, August 25, 2014


The robot hotel is so quiet it is only the light buzzing of the robot wheels on the hotel carpet it is as quiet as a server farm there is no one in the hotel there are towels the robot butler will bring the towels there are no people in the hotel it is very quiet

• • •

hahahahaha who said the arms manufacturing industry doesn't have a sense of humor WHO SAID THAT WAS IT YOU WAS IT YOU IN THE BACK THERE I HEARD YOU

• • •

"HitchBot, assembled from household odds and ends by university professors Frauke Zeller and David Smith, was to reunite with its creators at an art gallery in Victoria, British Columbia having crossed more than 3,700 miles.

The pair devised the trip hoping it would provide insights into societal views of robots.

"This project turns our fear of technology on its head and asks, 'Can robots trust humans?'" Zeller told AFP in late July when HitchBot's trip began." (via)

That's right, that motherfucker from last time made it all the way across goddamn Canada Goddammit when will people LISTEN

• • •

No, it’s fine, it’s definitely fine, this definitely is not a problem, I’m fine, this is fine, we’re all gonna be fine