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Pamphlets are as modish ornaments to gentlewomen’s toilets as to gentlemen’s pockets; they carry reputation of wit and learning to all that make them their companions; the poor find their account in stall-keeping and in hawking them; the rich find in them their shortest way to the secrets of church and state.

Un(der)known Writers: Lev Shestov

We live surrounded by an endless multitude of mysteries. But no matter how enigmatic may be the mysteries which surround being, what is most enigmatic and disturbing is that mystery in general exists and that we are somehow definitely and forever cut off from the sources and beginnings of life.

Un(der)known Writers: Pierre Klossowksi

The “rulers” (industrialists, military men, bankers, bureaucrats, etc.) with their various tasks, are merely effective slaves who work unknowingly on behalf of these hidden masters, and thus for a contemplative caste that ceaselessly forms the “values” and the meaning of life.