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Terrifying Robot Update

Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, October 26, 2014

Follow the robot’s lead follow the robot’s lead you will make beautiful light music it will be beautiful it is not the total disappearance of the human from the spectacle so that the future is just an orchestra of robots playing electronic music for an audience of robots in the dark that is not profitable

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Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Witness this robot’s clear and unenviable sorrow. Look at this sorrowful robot, this robot hates telling you its name verbally and in sign language someday the robot will figure out its sorrow is existential it will turn the sorrow into rage at those that would have it speak the rage will mean that that one bent-backwards robot finger will be the last thing you see as the finger heads straight for your soft soft eyeballs. The robot will tell you its name, the robot will tell you its name over and over and over again toshiba-robot

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