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A Time for Treason


A reading list created by a group of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish people who are



writers, organizers, teachers, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, and radicals.

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Essays & Reviews

The Weather


Slavery suffuses our present-day environment in an afterlife called the weather. An excerpt from In the Wake: On Blackness and Being, Duke University Press, November 2016.

In the Water


An immigrant in the water is a story or a lesson, but an immigrant on land is our responsibility–they might become our neighbor

Light a Fire Under the DNC


If it doesn’t catch, then let it burn.


Suppressed Images


Chelsea Manning’s DNA helped visualize her identity despite the erasure of incarceration

Editors’ Note, Vol. 58: Liquid


More flexible than solids but less unwieldy than gas: Of all the states of matter, liquids appear most vulnerable to human manipulation. But who gets to do the manipulating has little to do with physics and everything to do with power.

Particular Universals


Francis Tseng interviews Helen Hester of Laboria Cuboniks, the international feminist collective behind the Xenofeminist Manifesto.

&, Meanwhile

“twisting everything into a confusing, funhouse-mirror Wild West of morality-based, selectively applied regulations where everything is allowed for some, nothing for others”

“Flag-burning has no such history. It has, in fact, no history of being directed against any target but the government.”

A Recount?

“He borrows from her methods, even as he condemns and trivializes their existence.”

“Please show us that you see us. Please do all you can to stop this.”

“What Women Used Before They Could Use the Law”

“A united front against fascism has never really worked out well for those of us who want to destroy more than just fascism.”

“white misery desires multicultural company”

Bullshit White Ally T-Shirt

“Facebook is for engagement, not truth.”

“we have failed to notice the facts right in front of our faces: the uniquely parallel structures, the same winners, the similar losers, the crimes, the human degradation. We are already living in our very own, cruel 21st-century Supermanagerial Reich.”

“Thanksgiving is the festival of white reconciliation.”

“The #poorwhite has no excuse.”

“A puppet is quite frankly the best candidate to play the principal role in a puppet’s theater.”

“They would find creative ways to weaponize their privilege (or more clearly, their rewards of being part of an oppressor class) as an expression of social war. “

“All we can do now is support our communities, organize, and brace ourselves. And by ‘organize,’ I mean do whatever the fuck black and brown women tell us to do.”

“the right doesn’t have a monopoly on political fictions presented as fact”

“more people need to take more precautions, not just to protect ourselves, but each other”

“We are hearing white supremacy. It is the present.”



We’re Celebrating 50 Issues and You’re Invited

Reading a Draft @ Printed Matter

RUPTURES: Between the City and the Art World

“The Gulf: High Culture/Hard Labor” London book launch



Video Ten Minutes Older


Daddy Issue

Video The Party



Feminist Anthropology Part II

In Lady Science

By Emma Louise Backe Feminist anthropology began in the 1970s not merely to promote a wider paradigm shift in ethnographic research, but to galvanize the discipline into remodeling how anthropologists functioned in the academy and the field. Although feminist ideologies were incorporated into anthropology’s postmodern turn, and the work of feminist anthropologists gained purchase outside

Healing History

In Lady Science

By Abby Norman Discrimination toward women in the medical arts can be traced back to the story of Agnodice. Some scholars argue that she was not a real person, but rather a well-constructed myth. Whether lore or not, her story has been held tight by midwives for millennia. As the story goes, Agnodice had been

“Everywhere surfing has already replaced the older sports”

In Marginal Utility

The idea that we can spend attention is a form of control

Buffalo Skulls

In Zunguzungu

Whiteness is a thing because white supremacists needed a name for their violent subjugation of others, and so they gave it one. In this way, whiteness is a uniquely virulent and pathological form of social identity. It cannot survive its loss of supremacy; it cannot abide competition or mixture or “impurity.”