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Fully Operational


51 Astor, a new building on the eastern edge of Astor Place in New York City, looks like something Will Smith would kill in a movie.



It is mirrored, angular, black, and malevolently futuristic. That is, it acts as a frank reminder of the area’s more recent roots.

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Essays & Reviews

How Many Licks


What are we actually getting at when we talk about “sucking dick”?

Bend It Like Benglis


Lynda Benglis’s portrait of herself scandalized not because it supplanted the phallus but because it ridiculed it

Dick Picky


Critique My Dick Pic has convinced its proprietor that the female gaze is not homogeneous


This Week in Art Crime: Dicks Edition


Artists graffitiing dicks, building dicks, painting dicks and being dicks

Art of the Obituary: Loukanikos


Greece’s revolutionary fervor has passed with Loukanikos the riot dog

Terrifying Robot Update: Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The robots are all over your body, they are winding through the sand, they are weeping as they cook for you, the robots are singing a song of sorrow


Video “Drones: Where is God?” Ed Young

Video IVAN: The Reconstruction of Narcissism

Audio “Sweat Lodge” Vulture Shit

Audio Lamin Fofana tribute to Chinua Achebe


&, Meanwhile

“It’s a very small expression of resistance to wear a hat”

“how is this philosophy?”

a “weird crystal” can “absorb all the oxygen in a room”

“the existence of victims after the fact, with their boringly gradual narratives of recovery, dilutes this imperial fantasy”

“a multistory cowboy boot statue, a gorilla and a director’s chair that comfortably seats six people.”

“a sensation of anachronistic “old fashioned” swine sex”

“the spot where the teens escaped, the closest neighbors are a frozen pizza plant and a liquor distributor”

“‘We reject the bureaucratic concept of memberships. So, no, we are not members.’”

“contact and communication and so-called sharing, but at a desk of savagery”

“New York City officers have kept mum”

“the philosopher Mikhail Bakunin is a suspect”

“the geckos have a limited food supply”

“‘I don’t fight for free,’ she said. ‘Don’t worry.’”

“overindulgent self-awareness is endemic to art-in-general”

“We were soldiers in a wide variety of units and positions in the Israeli military—a fact we now regret”

“If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing”

“turn it right back on once the city truck is out of sight”

“alternatives to Facebook and Android should be thriving right now”

“eliminate all reasons from a decision, scrubbing away any kind of unwanted influence”



TNI Welcomes George Lazenby

Creative Time and Weeksville Heritage Center present “Funk, God, Jazz, and Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn” (9/20)

TNI’s Co-Founder and Publisher Headed to Verso Books

Announcing Rahel Aima



It has always been profound to me that the brass ring is a brass ring.

In 454

Of their nature, people who chase what the world calls success are themselves, prey.

#mybodymyhome (iii)

In Wiathi
Image 5

Rebeka Njau’s The Sacred Seed imagines that Kenyan women can create and inhabit freedom, justice, and healing.

red dots

In Wiathi
Copyright: Tyna Adebowale

A trail of small red dots connect Tyna Adebowale’s body of work.

Where Justice Found Is

In Zunguzungu

Whose business is it what he does in the privacy of his body?