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An Open Letter from Our Editor in Chief


Since its inception five years ago, The New Inquiry has published everything — blogs, essays, features, supplements, and magazines — for free.




And now, we are presented with a unique opportunity that will help us continue it that way.

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Essays & Reviews

Out of Sight


The Internet delivered on its promise of community for blind people, but accessibility is easy to overlook.

Die 4 U


Lana Del Rey’s sound is nostalgia for an old lie

Vernacular Criticism


The most interesting place to read about museums is Yelp


This Week in Art Crime


Graffiti Homer Simpson appears on the walls of the MFA in Boston; A pot activist claims the white flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge were to be replaced with a hemp leaf banner; A museum in Jizhou, China’s entire collection is forgeries

Un(der)seen Cinema: Mind Control Made Easy


Mind Control Made Easy is like an art-video anti-fascist manual, teaching you through critique and reproduction the techniques of cult think.

Sunday Reading


I regret that I have only one thinkpiece to give for my country.


Audio “Sweat Lodge” Vulture Shit

Audio Lamin Fofana tribute to Chinua Achebe

Video Subscription Drive

Video Police Mortality


&, Meanwhile

“the geckos have a limited food supply”

“‘I don’t fight for free,’ she said. ‘Don’t worry.’”

“overindulgent self-awareness is endemic to art-in-general”

“We were soldiers in a wide variety of units and positions in the Israeli military—a fact we now regret”

“If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing”

“turn it right back on once the city truck is out of sight”

“alternatives to Facebook and Android should be thriving right now”

“eliminate all reasons from a decision, scrubbing away any kind of unwanted influence”

“injecting a Silicon Valley executive with a lethal dose of heroin”

“What’s funnier than $37,115 for potato salad?”

“punishing the students by having them write long essays on why civil disobedience is a crime”

“is that really what people are saying when they say they are sad about their parrot?”

“Hitler understood the power of oratory”

“grass-in-ear behavior”

“the pitchforks are going to come for us”

“enslave­ment, servi­tude, inden­tur­ing, impress­ment, con­scrip­tion, impris­on­ment, and coer­cion”

“647,000 dekatherms per day of fracked natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, under high pressure, beneath the beach”

“the CEO was thrashed with iron rods”

“a while ago I decided to eat”



We’ve Doubled The Content, Help Us Double The Donations

Memories of a Penitent Heart @ Rox Gallery

Queens Live @ The Kitchen

Ayesha Siddiqi is Editor in Chief



Beauty and (In)Conspicuous Consumption

In The Beheld

Are beauty products forms of conspicuous consumption, or of the opposite?

Terror Painting

In Double Take

  “In the picture the face is terribly smashed with blows, swollen, covered with terrible, swollen, and blood-stained bruises, the eyes open and squinting; the large, open whites of the eyes have a sort of dead and glassy glint…Looking at that picture, you get the impression of nature as some enormous, implacable, and dumb beast,

RIP Farocki (1944 – 2014)

In Socialism and/or Barbarism
CM Capture 2

In the cinema it is as if the world itself wanted to tell us something.

A Snowpiercer Thinkpiece, Not to Be Taken Too Seriously, But For Very Serious Reasons

In Zunguzungu

Or, “The Worst Revenge is a Living Will”