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Making It: A Miseducation


We were all told numerous times by everyone we knew that we would not be successful if we didn’t apply ourselves.




But what was there to make of success if it meant we couldn’t stay?

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Essays & Reviews

Sleepwalking Through the Ruins


Maurizio Lazzarato’s latest book seeks to answer, “What is to be done?”

Our Fellow Travelers


Soviet painter Alexandr Deineka shared with Spike Lee a commitment to building worlds that are safe for black youth

Not for Teacher


The fight documented in Dana Goldstein’s The Teacher Wars may be a lost cause


This Week in Art Crime


In the same week that a 14 year old boy faces jail time for taking lewd photos of himself with a Jesus statue, a 9 foot-tall giant-cocked red devil statue appears in Vancouver. And much more, This Week in Art Crime

St. Paul (A Screenplay)


17. A large room in Barcelona. Interior. (Night.) It is a meeting of antifascists in exile. Accompanied by Ananias, Paul arrives among them, at the table where the leaders of the clandestine movement are talking. Those present are amazed by this, and wonder: ‘But is he the one who exterminated the worshippers of this name?’


Video “Drones: Where is God?” Ed Young

Video IVAN: The Reconstruction of Narcissism

Audio “Sweat Lodge” Vulture Shit

Audio Lamin Fofana tribute to Chinua Achebe


&, Meanwhile

“a sensation of anachronistic “old fashioned” swine sex”

“the spot where the teens escaped, the closest neighbors are a frozen pizza plant and a liquor distributor”

“‘We reject the bureaucratic concept of memberships. So, no, we are not members.’”

“contact and communication and so-called sharing, but at a desk of savagery”

“New York City officers have kept mum”

“the philosopher Mikhail Bakunin is a suspect”

“the geckos have a limited food supply”

“‘I don’t fight for free,’ she said. ‘Don’t worry.’”

“overindulgent self-awareness is endemic to art-in-general”

“We were soldiers in a wide variety of units and positions in the Israeli military—a fact we now regret”

“If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing”

“turn it right back on once the city truck is out of sight”

“alternatives to Facebook and Android should be thriving right now”

“eliminate all reasons from a decision, scrubbing away any kind of unwanted influence”

“injecting a Silicon Valley executive with a lethal dose of heroin”

“What’s funnier than $37,115 for potato salad?”

“punishing the students by having them write long essays on why civil disobedience is a crime”

“is that really what people are saying when they say they are sad about their parrot?”

“Hitler understood the power of oratory”



TNI’s Co-Founder and Publisher Headed to Verso Books

Announcing Rahel Aima

Screening: Art and Craft @ Videology 9/18

Les Saignantes @ The Morbid Anatomy Museum



The Potato System

In The Austerity Kitchen
Potato Magazine 3

Peeling back the layers of this humble vegetable’s history reveals that, no matter how you slice it, there’s power in spuds

Preemptive personalization

In Marginal Utility
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.18.57 PM

Technology aspires to do the work of having a self for us

You Drank Some Darkness

In Double Take

  Stand here and look out at the steady fact of the sea. Like a closed door, it gives you little. Behind you is the museum, and between you and the sea are a number of sculptures. The sculptures are like ancient rocks that have sleepwalked out of the water. Now they rest. What is

The rich go to the zoo

In Socialism and/or Barbarism

Are hyenas Crossfit?