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The Clique Imaginary


Two powerful men being friends is an inevitability.




Two powerful women being friends is a conspiracy.

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Eulogy For Pan-Africanism: Long Live Man-Africanism


Everyone can tell you what Pan-Africanism stands for… when it is juxtaposed with the West. But no one seems to know what Pan-Africanism means when it is self-referential. And the solidarity consciousness is dying, leaving behind a network that exists solely to protect rich, powerful men.

Our Brand Could Be Your Crisis


“We Are Your Friends” is not our youth but it might as well be

Surplus Rebellions


An excerpt from “Riot. Strile. Riot: The New Era of Uprisings” by Joshua Clover


Sunday Reading


I’m not technically rich but I do have a lot of shit that I refuse to share with other

The New Inquiry Vol. 52: New Masses


Editorial note to TNI Vol. 52: New Masses

Sunday Reading


then how get more vitamin come potato of the peanuts



Daddy Issue

Video The Party

Oculus Rex


&, Meanwhile

“prison is the glue that holds this whole crooked house of cards together”

“Utopian demands are for some the last and only hope.”

“Free the land!”

“At its white heart trans is a regime of gender legibility”

“All we have to do is invite ourselves to his place to have a drink. The revolution is now.”

“This is a Call to Action Against Slavery in America”

“Maintain the sharp boy/girl product division.”

“forced to quit her job at Starbucks because fans memorized her schedule”

“a desperate attempt to stay relevant on my part”

“we’re of the by-any-means-necessary vein, and we literally do mean by any means necessary”

“It is no longer the time to be silent at the water cooler.”

“if whites give me a Pulitzer Prize then I got to figure out what I did wrong.”

“Black creativity has always managed to deploy itself in confined spaces. I am talking about Vines, web series and music videos.”

“For blackness the human/animal binary is not only collapsed”

“will never be inconvenient or angry or vocal”

“rebellions in the last years have jumped leaps and bounds past the established ideas”

“I refuse to believe that the system that we’re in is the only option that we have.”

“I am not writing reviews for The New Inquiry”

“Here is the reason why workers feel so insecure, today”



Reading a Draft @ Printed Matter

RUPTURES: Between the City and the Art World

“The Gulf: High Culture/Hard Labor” London book launch

Little Magazines and the Conversation of Culture in America



We Have No Idea What Aging Looks Like

In The Beheld

Our notions of age are changing, but the ways we talk about it aren’t.

Welcome to “Dietland”: Beauty and Subversion

In The Beheld

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that because I’m into beauty, I must also be into fashion.

African Poetry: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

In Zunguzungu

How else would we learn?

African Poetry: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

In Wiathi
Image| Jerry Riley |

Dagoretti Corner begins as “the dust that has no place” and ends with “a glimmer train / of bioluminescence.” The restless land meets the restless ocean. These images are particular and grounded—even grounding. Ngwatilo Mawiyoo writes a poetry of place. M. NourbeSe Philip explains, I think if you write from place, the writing will be