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The Art of Antarctic Cooking


Two new books take on cuisine at the bottom of the world,




and it’s a dog-eat-dog world down there at the South Pole

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Essays & Reviews

Get the Balance Right


A new biography of Walter Benjamin stumbles on the problem his writing addressed: how to write history without taking the victor’s perspective

The Postcapital Economy


China’s command-like economy may be better suited to cope with technologically driven abundance

In a Mirror, Darkly


A review of Helen Oyeyemi’s novel Boy, Snow, Bird



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No justice for Rufio

Sunday Reading


Jacob Remes: A post-mortem on last week’s Quebec election Who Gets to Decide if Noah is Biblical? (see also Noah as quintessentially Jewish) The Kill List “The genocide is the opposite of redemption. There is no redemption. You can’t go back.  Those people are dead, and it will happen again.” [radio 7:54] Frederick Douglass in Mitzrayim “It had never

Teenage Dream


Now a feature film, Jon Savage’s history of 20th century adolescence Teenage is a modern classic on kids and demographics. Savage talked with TNI co-founding editor Mary Borkowski on youth culture now and then


Audio “Sweat Lodge” Vulture Shit

Audio Lamin Fofana tribute to Chinua Achebe

Video Subscription Drive

Video Police Mortality


&, Meanwhile

“Their dismay is an opportunity to touch my face”

“afflicted by the provincialism of privilege and thus vastly underestimate the dynamism of the greater world”

“where possible, marry them”

“Their pubes were trimmed neat as hedges”

“What is it about porn stars that bothers you so much?”

“‘Fight the Power’ inside a mock Doritos vending machine”

“I want…many, many balloons!”

“I have no idea who this guy is”

“Poem is one of the names we give to cultural material once it has become property”

“the one thing that they’re not allowed to have is a lawyer”

“experts on Bible Africa are sure Homo deamon was imported”

“Our primary job is not to help anybody”

“Would it have mattered if we’d known we were in Bed-Stuy?”

“a privileged, world-renowned author appropriating the writing of poor, anonymous mill girls for his own fame and fortune”

“a full-body computer-generated halo”

“vigilant awareness as a response to the ‘landscape of fear’ created by predators”

“Who are these people?”

“he was so good at seeing beauty”

“we thought Disney was our only real shot”



Call for Submissions: The $ Issue

Travel and Anti-Travel @ Mansion 1/14

Endnotes 3 Release Party @ 16 Beaver 1/17

Transnational American Studies @ American University of Beirut 1/6-9



Triple-Decker Weekly, 101

In Shines Like Gold

Research suggests that the way people think and act is affected by ceiling height

Violent X

In Socialism and/or Barbarism
Violent X Poster Lo Res 2

These are tinderbox days…

Austerity Abécédaire

In South/South
belgian soldier with rifle

scarcity | fr. austeros (gr.) | bitter, harsh, makes the tongue dry

Kenyan Somali, Somali in Kenya, Kenya in Somalia

In Zunguzungu

#kasaraniconcentrationcamp #kasaraniconcentrationcamp #kasaraniconcentrationcamp #kasaraniconcentrationcamp #kasaraniconcentrationcamp #kasaraniconcentrationcamp